The Service Centre, “Repair Shop” was once Linkletter’s Welding Ltd.

All of our other divisions started in the repair shop and evolved into something larger requiring their own dedicated space and staff.

We can provide you with a complete solution including design, machining, hydraulics and welding services. We manufacture parts using a range of welding techniques on materials such as aluminum, carbon steel, stainless and other alloy steels in both high and low pressure applications.

We have extensive experience in onsite installation and project management. If your project requires us to install the equipment we have manufactured (or other brands of equipment) we are well equipped to help you.

We regularly say to our customers, “if you can sketch it on the floor, we can build it.” I think it would be difficult for you to name a piece of equipment, regularly used on Prince Edward Island that we have not built, repaired or modified. We have worked on everything from bread making machines to cranes to trucks. There is almost no limit to what we have worked on.

In addition to our regular in house services we offer mobile welding and repair for your convenience.Look at the pictures of some of our past projects and come talk to us about your next project.

Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy

Service Shop Manager

LWL’S Service Shop Team

Linkletter’s Welding Ltd. has highly skilled tradespersons that are committed to high standards of service on on time service. LWL’s service equipment capabilities include an Allsteel Shear able to cut plate 3/8″ x 12 feet, an Allsteel Brake with 160 tonnes of bending force. full sandblasting service and a 60 x 40 20 ft high paint shop.

Past Projects

Confederation Bridge

Cavendish Farms

Mid-Isle Farms

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