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Tag Along Deckover

With an overall loading width of 102", this trailer works great for the person who needs to move heavy, wide equipment.

It has a lightweight but very strong main frame that can be fitted with a beaver tail and ramps to facilitate safe and easy loading. This trailer comes standard with Dexter Torsion axles, heavy duty 10" I-beam main frame, a lockable chain tray and a spare tire mount.

Available in 16', 16' HD, 16' XHD, 18', 18' HD, 18' XHD, 20', 20' HD and 20' XHD

Standard Features

  • Breakaway Kit
  • Safety Chains
  • Sandblasted
  • 2 5/16" Adjustable Coupler
  • Stake Pockets and Rub Rail
  • Enamel Primer and Paint
  • Galvanized Rims
  • 5" Channel Frame
  • Electric Brakes
  • 2 x 6 Deck Planks
  • Dexter Spring Axles
  • 7,000 lb Top Wind Jack*
  • 4 Way Wire Harness
  • Chain Tray with lock
  • LED Lights
  • 3" I Beam Cross members
  • 12,000 lb Top Wind Jack Standard on 21,000 LB Trailers



  • Gooseneck
  • "D" Ring Tiedowns
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • 12,000 lb Top Wind Jack *
  • 6 ' Cargo Winch Track
  • Hide Away Ramps
  • 5 ft Beaver tail with Ramps
  • Spare Tire and Mount
  • Aluminum Rims
  • Cargo Winch and Straps

Features and Benefits of LWL Trailers

Sandblasted, Primed and Painted Frames

Sandblasting thoroughly cleans the frame to remove any oil and debris. It is the only way to remove the mill scale from the steel. Priming and painting ensures extra protection against the elements and provides a nice finish to your trailer. All of the LWL brand trailers are sandblasted and finished, giving you years of protection from the elements. (See below for in-depth discussions on this)
Protected Lighting
Lights are part of the safety system on all trailers and with any safety system you want reliability. All of the LWL brand trailers have their own tail lights (sealed beam or LED) enclosed in a steel tube to prevent the damage caused by road debris thrown up by the tires. This extra level of protection ensures peace of mind on that long trip home.

Welded Frame Versus Bolted Construction

Some of the smaller utility trailers on the market that are offered in the "big box" store environment need assembly, requiring the trailer to be bolted together. The LWL brand of trailers comes standard welded together. They are assembled by professionals to provide a stronger structure that easily outlasts the bolt together trailers.
Sealed Wiring Harnesses
Lights are the first thing that fails on a trailer and are the most frustrating thing to fix. LWL has taken extra steps to prevent this from happening. Wiring harnesses generally fail at the connections first. LWL understands this and offers the best mounted, best sealed, and most trouble free harness on the market today. LWL wiring harnesses are fed through washers which are welded onto the frame. This is a much more secure mounting method than staples in our Canadian environment. The actual wires are enclosed in a sealed rubber case. What really separates LWL from the competition, is our connectors. The connector that joins the wires together does two things. First it makes the connection securely and safely. Secondly and more importantly, it removes all of the air and buries the connection in silicone inside the plastic case thus providing 100% protection from all nature can throw at it. This connection system beats black tape and heat shrink tubing every time.

Warranty Coverage

LWL offers the longest warranty coverage of any trailer manufacturer. A full 5 year structural warranty comes standard on our premium line. 10 year warranty is standard on LED lights and Dexter provides a 5 year suspension warranty on their Torflex axles. This coverage is second to none and LWL provides service at all of their dealers giving you peace of mind with your new trailer.